Institute Transecoproject founded in early 2013 has built a team of highest level professionals with many years experience in various types of consultancy services required in the road transport sector such as: design of roads and arterial streets, land use design, environmental feasibility studies, and structural design.

At present, the team of Institute Transecoproject is focused on active development and more sophisticated studies and solutions to offer.

As active professionals, experts of Institute Transecoproject support various projects during examination thereof at supervisory and project evaluation (Expertiza) authorities, help to form public opinion on various projects, prepare and run public consultations.

The trademark of our company is our commitment to being a proficient provider of design solutions as well as a permanent partner and advisor supporting our clients in making decisions regarding implementation of, to the fullest and at all phases of the projects life cycle.

The key activities of the company are:

  • Design of linear road projects:
    • Preparation of pre-design proposals on development of transport infrastructure;
    • Preparation of designs for construction (reconstruction), overhaul and repairs of roads and arterial streets;
    • Field supervision services on construction sites;
    • Development of chapters: Civil defense engineering and emergency prevention actions and Fire safety actions as part of design documentation packages for linear road projects
  • Environmental feasibility studies
    • Programs and environmental surveys;
    • Environmental feasibility studies as part of design documentation packages;
    • Roadside clear zone designs for linear road projects and sanitary zone designs for manufacturing plants;
    • Detailed design documentation for noise control facilities;
    • Industrial environmental control (monitoring) programs and services
  • Land-use planning and design
    • Transport sections as part of master-plans for cities and towns;
    • Comprehensive transport schemes for towns;
    • Urban road network development programs for cities;
    • Site designs and boundary-setting plans;
    • Space-planning solutions for highways, arterial streets, flying junctions and transport hubs
Institute Transecoproject is a reliable partner with a comprehensive and flexible approach to clients requirements. We are prepared to provide European level services in the amount required by the client.
We are open for co-operation with new clients and therefore always willing to have a dialogue to ensure efficiency and good results.


4A Ul. Novoroschinskaya
196006 Saint Petersburg
Office-Center Sobranije
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Tel.: +7 (812) 331 68 74
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